Our SOHO location does not offer Private Dining Rooms but we can accommodate Private Events or Parties with some planning.

Book your event or party for your very own lunch, dinner, party or function with us and we will make it a memorable experience for all.

We are offering three options for private dining and larger event groups:

  • The first option is that your group dines based on our a la carte menu. This option is not only the recommended option by our restaurant, but also the preferred option of all larger groups we are hosting, as it allows the full dining experience and the uniqueness of what our restaurant stands for.
  • As a second option, we can offer you a set menu containing of a variation of our bestsellers with a fixed sum per person on the food. In this case we can order for you in advance, all to share, that you can fully concentrate on your dining, enjoying the company of your guests, while having a clear pricing in your mind.
  • Furthermore, casual and standing events with pass-around food are possible as well and we would discuss this with you to find the individual approach you wish for.

Please find below specific information on each of our restaurants and contact us at any time with your request, we will be glad to support and create you a memorable experience.

Private Dining | Event Request

Plan your special occasion or event with us. Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you promptly to organise and support you in creating a memorable experience. If you would like to check availability or special requests immediately, please feel free to call the restaurant directly at +852 9020 9627.

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